Sky-ScapesŪ: Fluorescent light covers: Dilbert -Durastrong

Sky-ScapesŪ: Fluorescent light covers: Dilbert -Durastrong

Product Description


DILBERT ® means business.  Anybody who works in an office or deals with bureaucracy relates to Dilbert's plight.  Created by Scott Adams, DILBERT ® addresses issues ranging from office-envy/challenges to new technology and the mayhem they produce.  Create your own envy and "lighten up" the workplace with DILBERT ® Sky-Scapes ® .

  • Measures 23 3/4" X 47 3/4"
  • Fits standard 4' recessed (4 tube) fixtures
  • Easy to fit just about anywhere, trim to fit.
  • Made of flexible, long lasting Durastrong Plastic, trims easily with standard utility knife
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Good for home or commercial use