Sky-ScapesŪ: Durastrong Fluorescent light covers: Birds

Sky-ScapesŪ: Durastrong Fluorescent light covers: Birds
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Product Description


These products are made of Durastrong plastic.

Skyscapes® fluorescent fixture decorative lens. These beautiful decorative lenses are replacements for the covers on your recessed fluorescent fixture.
They help diffuse harsh fluorescent light and create a warm and soothing atmosphere .

  • Measures 23 3/4" X 47 3/4"
  • Fits standard 4' recessed (4 tube) fixtures
  • Easy to fit just about anywhere, trim to fit.
  • Made of tough Durastrong Plastic, easy to work with and very durable.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Good for home or commercial use
  • Thicker and longer lasting then traditional polystyrene
  • Fantastic color representation
  • Good for commercial use.